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Fan Friday: WHO are you? The 13th…

Hello Underdogs!

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The last part of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor is upon us. He will soon leave us and a new person will take up the role of The Doctor. We are also losing Steven Moffat, head writer, and head life ruiner who you either love, or want to shake your fists at and curse his name. What will happen next is anyone’s guess. A change this big has not happened to this show since David Tennant after playing The Doctor, and show runner Russel T. Davis left and made way for Matt Smith and Steven Moffat. All that we can do is speculate who might take over the role of The Doctor.

The show is built on change, with 13 people who have played the Doctor to date. It has gone through many different writers, producers, and actors, but one thing remains the same, the adventure of the Time Lord. It looks like this year is going to be especially exciting because the Christmas leaks look like we will have an interaction with the First Doctor, and maybe, just maybe even Susan. Leaked photos show two TARDIS and David Bradly in his Doctor’s outfit. It is tradition for the actors who are leaving the show to be able to request a wish list for their final story line.  For example, when David Tennant left, he wanted the Master in the story line. When Karen Gillian left the show, she wanted the Weeping Angels. Peter Capaldi has not made a secret that his favorite Doctor was the First, and he wants to be able to have a story with his Granddaughter, Susan. William Harntell, the First Doctor, passed away in the 1960’s, and currently actor David Bradly has been playing the role. If you don’t know the name you will know his face.  David Bradly has appeared in Doctor Who before, a well as Game of Thrones, (Red Wedding) and Harry Potter. Do yourself a favor and see, “An Adventure is Space and Time,” to get the background of Doctor Who.

I believe the Christmas show will be an amazing send off for both Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi. We just have one problem, who will be the new Doctor? We know Chris Chibnal is taking over for Steven Moffat, but who is taking over for Peter Capalidi? We usually have a pretty good inkling by now, who will be next. They are really trying to keep the lid on the new Doctor, even though they have been cast already, according to Russel T. Davis. I have a feeling that there is three very good reasons for this silence. First, we all like a surprise, and it would be nice to be in the dark when our Peter leaves us and the new person takes over. Two, we may have already been introduced to the new Doctor and not know it yetImage result for doctor who . Many actors and actresses have appeared in Doctor Who in another role before coming on as a regular cast member. Have we already met them? The third reason is probably because of the controversy surrounding the fact that the Doctor that has been male, may become female. People may not be very happy about this change, but it seems like that this is the direction they are moving towards.


So, who do I think is going to be the next Doctor? I had a previously list that was what I like to call, my pipe dream. This will be a more serious list of people that I think should be The Doctor. This is just a small description on why I think they would be good in the role, but any of these people would do a great job. I have faith they will find us the best Doctor out there. It really is a lifetime commitment for these actors because they will forever been known as The Doctor. I understand why it is such a process to find the right person, and I don’t think they have ever got it wrong. I will miss Peter Capaldi, very much, but I am looking forward to see who will be next!



  1. Tom Hughes:  

He is a newer actor who started off as a model. He has done such a fantastic job in “Victoria” with Doctor Who family member, Jenna Coleman. I think that he would fit easily into the role of The Doctor. He is dashing, handsome, but fierce. Plus, he’s pretty.



2.  Chris O’Dowd:

Of course, I have seen Chris O’Dowd on the IT Crowd and several other movies. I really love watching him. He is very likable, funny, and has versatility. My eye always goes to him while he is on the screen, and I think he needs to be in more films and TV shows even if he doesn’t get the role of The Doctor.

3.Richard Ayoda:

Another vet of the IT Crowd is Richard Ayoda. He has also been in lots of movies and TV shows and is highly likable. I also love watching him, and want to see him do more! He is truly funny and I think he would make an interesting Time Lord.


Idris Elba:

From “Luther” to :The Office,” this man knows how to act! He would make The Doctor both terrifying and amazing!! He is also set to play the Gun Slinger in “The Dark Tower” movies! I am very excited about this, and it could take him out of the running of The Doctor. I also heard he was going to start another season of “Luther.” I know it may not work out, but he would be a tremendous Doctor!


Olivia Coleman:Image result for olivia colman

Olivia Coleman has been in” Doctor Who” before and stars alongside David Tenant in “Broadchurch. “She is one bad ass lady and I would love to see her take over The Doctor! She is very funny, like her work on “Hot Fuzz.” Her character in “Broadchurch” is heartbreaking, and she plays it like she feels everything going on. She is wonderful.

6. Viola Davis:

Another amazing, bad ass chick! She can do no wrong and I basically believe she is a Goddess. I know she is not British, but that doesn’t mean anything. She has an amazing CV, so we know that she is an actress at the top of her field.

7. David Thewlis: 

I saw someone mention David Thewlis as a potential Doctor, and my first reaction was, of course! He would be an amazing Doctor! Why haven’t I thought of him before? He was so amazing in Harry Potter. I think he has the range to not only be the crazy alien, but the loving Time Lord.

8. Tom Hiddleston:

What a great actor! Tom Hiddleston has the emotional depth to pull off such a complex character. He is someone you want to go on a journey with, and see what happens next. Plus, he’s pretty.

9.Image result for martin freeman Martin Freeman

Best known for playing on “The Hobbit,” and John Watson on “Sherlock,” Martin Freeman really does have a comedy and dramatic range. He would do a great job in bringing out the more unbalanced side of The Doctor.

10. Rupert GravesImage result for rupert graves

Another actor from Sherlock! Rupert has been on Doctor Who before in “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.” He is well loved by all audiences, and has been the star of both stage and screen.  I think he would be very enjoyable as The Doctor!

So, what do you think, Whovians? Who will be the next Doctor? Who is your choice? Leave a comment and let me know!

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My Monday: I think I became Clarissa

Hello Underdogs, and Happy Monday to you! 

You know, as a child, I had a very hard time fitting in, or finding any friends. I went through long stretches in my childhood where I didn’t have anyone in my life. I couldn’t understand the problem, outside the fact that I was the fat kid. (I still am, but now I am the chunky yet funky adult.) I tried to be a good, caring, and honest person, but that just didn’t seem to make any friends. So, I retreated into myself and found my creative side. I also found Clarissa.

If you are not familiar with her, let me explain. Clarissa was the lead character in the television show on Nickelodeon called “Clarissa Explains it All.”  It started in 1991 and ran to 1994. I was an impressionable child with no one, so Clarissa became my friend. The show revolved around super cool, teenager Clarissa Darling, her parents, and her strange little brother, Ferguson. She also had her best friend, Sam, who climbed through the window via a ladder rather than walk through the front door. Strangely, her parents had no issue that a teenage boy did this at will. While she went about her day, Clarissa basically blogged her life. She was telling her inner monologue to an unseen audience, we presume it was for us.  Her sanctuary was her room (like me!) and she told the audience her thoughts, plans, and secrets, while we all hung on every stylish word. Clarissa was way ahead of her time. The character was the first female lead in a TV show on Nick. Clarissa was a smart, outspoken, writer, artist, tech nerd, who loved her family and friends with all of her heart. She could do anything from being a D.J to being a weather person without any fear. Her parents, while not really understanding her, supported her endeavors.

Image result for clarissa explains it all

While she was an amazing and inspiring teenager, she wasn’t without her flaws. First, she was kind of mean to her brother. It wasn’t horrible, but she did call him names.  They did occasionally try to beat each other up. I have a brother, so to me that didn’t seem outlandish.  Clarissa also hated her Mom’s cooking, and was constantly embarrassed by her parents. To be fair, both of her parents were the stereotypical embarrassing agents.  Then there was Sam, the love struck young man who spent all of his time with Clarissa. They went back and forth for years with Clarissa not liking Sam, and putting him in the friend zone! Then, she finds she has feelings for him, and then he finds he doesn’t have feelings for her. I believe during the latest episodes, Sam had a girlfriend that Clarissa was friends with, but I think she still regretted her relationship with him getting away from her.

While the show was corny, it really did a lot for me. I would walk around my room and talk to my imagined audience just like Clarissa did. It was great for being creative, and it also gave me a life long passion for what would eventually become blogging. (I was so ahead of time thanks to Clarissa!) I would pretend that I was her, beautiful, free spirited, and free of fear, and I could get through my day. I may have not had friends at that point, but I did have hope. I was able to understand what it was to be creative, and to literally write my own stories. I was just as cool as Clarissa was, and maybe I even had an imaginary boy, that was only a friend, who came through my window. Although, in reality, that would have probably caused someone’s death.  I wanted to be just like her.

Image result for clarissa explains it all

It turns out, I kind of am. Today, I am a blogger, like she was. I am still full of fear, because that is me, but I try to live my life as fearless as possible. Sometimes, it stops me, but other times it motivates me to keep going. I find the importance of those who I call my family, and I hold on to it with all I have in me. I like to let my creative side show in almost everything that I do. I actually have several wonderful people in my life who are named Sam! So, that is pretty awesome!  I went to school for writing as Clarissa become a journalist. I didn’t realize how much of an influence that funky little girl would have on me. Now, I just need a nice boyfriend who is willing to climb through the window. So, thank you Clarissa Darling, for being you so I could learn how to be me!


Image result for clarissa explains it all theme

PS: The theme song is now stuck in your head, isn’t it? Na Na Na Na…..



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Site Change: BIG CHANGES

Hello everyone!

***************BIG CHANGES!!****************************

I am moving on up….to the .com side

I am still on WordPress, but I have upgraded. I don’t know if the followers will be saved to the new site or not. If not, I hope that you will still come over for a visit and follow the new page which is:



Please come follow me at my updated blog! I love to know what is going on with you guys, and I hope you enjoy my posts!

I will be running a new contest over there, since I am going to be focused on making that one run smoothly.  I look forward to this new journey together!


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STEM AD: Discouraging? Or Inspirational

Hello Underdogs,

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day.  I might have been living in a bubble,  but I have only recently seen the new advertisement that is pushing STEM.

Image result for we don't need another lebron james
It didn’t really come across that way…

This ad is sponsored by Verizon, and is aimed at helping kids go into a career that is more science, math and technology based.  If you have not seen the ad, follow the link to this article, the ad appears in the middle of the story. This is not the newest ad that I am referring to, but the message is exactly the same.  STEM Ad

Image result for STEM






If you are not familiar with STEM, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  There has been a huge push in the past few years to get children, especially girls, interested in these areas. The hope is for the children to eventually grow up and dedicate their life to these fields. I worked at Girl Scouts several years ago (a paid job, not a volunteer) and their main focus in 2012 was to shift their focus to STEM. In fact, during the interview process, I had to present activity ideas for the girls that centered around STEM.  While there is nothing wrong with this, I think there is an issue when you stop encouraging people to find something that they actually want to do even if that is being a dancer, or a neurosurgeon. I do think it is important to give children the opportunity to be exposed to more things like STEM, and other areas to help them find what their passion may be. However, I feel like this Verizon ad is actually a lot more negative than they intended it to be.

This ad shows several different statistics telling us how many professional football players, models, and other mainstream dream jobs are currently working in the Untied States. We then see several people who are at the top of their field telling us that we don’t need another Lebrone James, or another Drew Brees. What we do need more people in STEM aimed jobs. I see this ad as a double edge sword. I understand that the point of this ad is to light a fire so kids watching this will go into STEM related jobs. Or is it? I am actually confused at who this ad is aimed towards. I would assume that it is for older children, and teenagers. However, the style does not match the tradition thing that would catch a child’s eye and looks more adult. The clean, slick, and dark color commercial seems to be more for an adult that it would for a kid that you are trying to catch the attention of.  In a way, it is saying, there isn’t enough room for your dream of being a model, or basketball players, so you need to settle for something else. Might as well be in a growing field of STEM. It is actually very discouraging.

What is wrong with wanting to set a goal for yourself?Image result for goals Yes, it is very difficult to get to the level top athletes are, but why give people a reason to not work towards a goal? Real life is hard, and you will fail. You need to be ready for that fact. Even if you put in all of your hard work, and dedication that you have, you may never get where you want to be. That is not just limited to sports and people in pop culture. You can work hard all your life to be a cook, but you may never get to the place where you have your own restaurant. Should you give up because the odds are not in your favor? Why? What is wrong with people working hard at their goals fueled with their hopes and their passion? If people gave up, because the outlook didn’t look good, we wouldn’t have anyone where they are now. That includes doctors, engineers, teachers, coaches, dancers, artists, cowboys, researchers, toy makers, and on and on.

I think the problem here lies within the execution. If you want to give kids the opportunity to excel in STEM, then give them a reason to be passionate about finding out more. Don’t have the basis of your ad telling kids we don’t need another person in a certain field. A very smart kid would pick up on the fact that there are more people in STEM related fields than there are in professional athletics combined.  For example, there are more cancer researchers than there are professional tennis players in the United States.  Understanding that kind of backfires when you are telling people there are too many people in these careers so you should try another one in the STEM field. STEM fields are pretty full when you look at it that way!

Image result for hard work


What we need to do is give kids some examples of these fields. We need to show them a reason to be excited enough to find a passion with STEM. However, we should encourage them to find their passion in life, no matter what field it might be in. We also do people a disservice by not teaching them that they may not get what they want in life, but you should never give up your dreams. We, as a society, put so much focus on a career that we identify who we are based off what kind of job we do for a living. We work to live, and it is a bonus if we love our jobs. If we don’t love our jobs, then we should still find a way to have our passions in our lives. For example, you can’t pay the rent being a photographer, but you do it on the weekends, while during the week, you work in an office.Image result for you do you, boo You need to have something in your life that makes your heart sing. There is no reason that you can’t work towards your goal, no matter what the odds say. It is important to learn how to work hard, how to set goals, and how to fail. You can’t learn a thing unless you understand how to work, and the lessons that happen when you fail.  If you want people to look towards STEM, then give them reasons to be passionate about the field. Don’t give people a reason to back away from their goals because of a very discouraging advertising campaign. Keep fighting for your dreams, but maybe research something that you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards. You might find a new undiscovered love! Don’t limit yourself, the world is yours to discover!



What do you think? Do you think this ad is encouraging, or kind of a bummer? Leave a comment or a like on this post.



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Winner Winner

Hello Underdogs,Image result for You Won


As promised, here is the winner of my Follower’s contest!  I use the paper bag app on my phone. I entered all the names, and let the app randomly choose a winner.

The winner is: @kathleensparks! I will be contacting you directly to send you your prize! Thank you so much for your support, and following my page!

Don’t forget, my new contest has already started. The next milestone is for 20 followers!  Here are the rules:

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Thanks again for following my blog!!!

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Tonight: Who will Win!

Hello Underdogs!

Image result for Thank you for supporting me

Thank you so much for supporting my page. I can’t do this without you, and we all know how difficult that it can be to blog! I do my best to follow and like your posts! Some of you are very busy, and it’s very impressive! I hope that I can reach your level of awesome some day!   We can help each other out as a blogging community to get more followers, and gain more opportunities for paid programs. Thank you for liking my little blog. Writing is my passion. It helps me do something for myself in this very stressful life. I am honest, and shameless when I say that I, like many of you, want to get to a point where I blog to make money. Nothing would make me happier, and I am willing to put in the long hours of work to improve, and to keep getting stronger!

Image result for Who will win?

I ran a contest for the first 10 people to follow my blog. I am going to pick a winner today because I finally reached that goal!! Thank you so much!!

If you don’t recall, the rules are:

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I will be drawing the winner from the first 10 followers tonight, and posting the results.


*******And, I am going to announce my second contest starting right now!!*****

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20 Followers,  1 prize: will it be yours?

When I reach 20 followers on my page, I will give out a second prize!

If you already are following my page, you still qualify. But if you won previously, you are not able to win twice. Here are the rules:

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Let’s get started! I will see you all back here later on tonight when I post the results!!



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Fan Friday: Sherlock: Has it Lost it’s Mojo?

Happy Friday, Underdogs! We are getting ready for a holiday weekend here in the States, but today, I am going to talk to you about the international favorite, “Sherlock.” Image result for sherlock Specifically, the BBC version which has been on air since 2010 for 4 series, with one short and one Christmas special. We have no idea if this show will come back for a 5th season or not because this is a very nontraditional television show. If you have never seen it before, the episodes are short movies which range from 90 to 110 minutes. There are only 3 episodes per series and there has been years worth of gaps between each one. That is hard to swallow because if you like the show, you really like the show. I went so far to find a way to watch series 2-4 when it aired in London. This past year was the first time that the BBC and PBS arranged an agreement to have the shows air on the same day. With the time difference, I didn’t want anyone to ruin my show, so I watched when London did!

While the first two series of the show were very well received, the third and forth were not. People didn’t like the third series much, while I really loved it. In fact, it is my favorite. However, I can agree that series 4 was not as good as the other’s.  What makes my opinions a bit different (not better) than the average fan of the BBC Sherlock, is the fact that I have been reading Sherlock since I was a small child. I read anything that I could get my hands on! If you have followed any of the original stories, and the spin-offs, you will see that the third series is just a natural progression of the story line just as the first 2 series. John does get married. Sherlock does get engaged to a woman to gain entry into a building. Sherlock does tangle with Magnason and he is killed. However, in the books, it is a little cloudy who actually did the killing. It might have been John.  Mary is very much loved by Sherlock and is a huge supporter of their friendship and their work. I like how they made her more modern, and more dangerous. Her story line was fantastic.

Series 4, however, seemed outlandish even for me. The stories seemed to lack a certain type of heart that the others have in the past. This could be due to the fact that partners Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington who play John and Mary, split in real life. It was pretty apparent on screen that some very real tension existed. Mary does die in the story, but it wasn’t until she was in her late 40’s or even into her 50’s. John does move back into 221 B Baker street after Mary passes, and they go back to doing detective work. The story of Sherlock follows these men from their twenties up until when they were senior citizens. Not everything used for inspiration for the Sherlock series came from the original stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is why creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatis were able to get away with so much, but still be able to stay within the world of modern Sherlock.

The story of Eros was strange to say the least. While I do like that they changed the gender of the sibling from a brother to a sister, it was a wild story. The whole last episode was very, very hard to watch. It was a mind game, like they were in a Saw movie or something. It was very emotional and very violent. I cried a few times because of how much love there was between Sherlock, John, and Mycroft. The heartache with Molly was almost too much for me to take as well. While this story really bothered me, I realize that this meant it was well-written or it would not have gotten under my skin. I loved getting to see Moriarty again, but I knew as soon as we did, it would only be a tease.

The main complaint that I heard about this series, outside of the lack of connection, was the lack of detective work. The heart of Sherlock is a very smart man who is 100 steps ahead of everyone. While we see some of this, what he misses is amazing, such as the lack of glass on his sister’s cell. While this makes a lot of people angry, I have an explanation for all of this. Sherlock was a well-known drug addict. His drug of choice in the stories were heroin and cocaine. He was drugged out more times than he was clean, so why couldn’t this entire series be Sherlock coming down, or even hitting bottom? He lost his best friend when he got married, being around Molly was painful for her, and his other best friend, Mary dies. Sherlock went through a downward spiral of depression and drug use that severely damaged his skills of deduction. We don’t see the pretty Sherlock, we see the tortured soul who is too smart for the world, and has no clue how to function outside of the world he created for himself. Image result for sherlock

Sherlock evolved because his character had to. He was getting older and the world around him was changing, so he had to adapt. That may mean that his adaption skills, like many people in real life, were not good or even healthy. The Sherlock in the stories could be a bit kind, or a bit harsher. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the TV Sherlock had moments of heart, and moments of being a bastard. He could be so detached from reality that he literally had to have John explain things to him. Maybe this is why this particular series was so hard to watch. It was because Sherlock needed the care, and John was fed up with taking care of his friend. This is not unusual, especially when you have been friends with someone for a very long time.Sherlock  It was hard to watch John not only hate Sherlock, but ignore his own child. In real life, grief does strange things for people. Again, maybe this was why this series was so hard to watch. It was because this show was very vulnerable, and exposed. The hardships of life caught up with both of these men, and neither one of them dealt with it in a good way. There was lots of pain.

The future of Sherlock is unknown, and many people who were not a fan of the 4th series are calling for it to end. I think it is actually just the beginning of something that could be great. Just because one series isn’t the best, or very popular does not mean that it is time for that show to end. I love Doctor Who, but did I love all the new series? Of course not. However, that doesn’t mean that I think the show needs to end, and it’s damaged beyond repair. It changes, just like any other show. I would welcome a new Sherlock, but there is such a poor taste in people’s mouths that I don’t think they can do one for a few years. It will be welcome once it comes back. While the series fans can be very rabid, they can be just as fickle. I am a fan of Sherlock no matter what, and the story is such a part of our daily culture. It is so huge in London, that I can’t see the rest of the world dictating what happens with the next series for the BBC. I say, keep going because there is a lot more stories to tell. Maybe in a few years, this series is something that we can appreciate and we can see the vision the creators had.



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I really do want to make blogging my full-time job and any help and support is greatly appreciated. It takes a lot to be able to make this work, and I understand that money is also involved. I hope to be able to find the tools to keep on doing this, which is my passion!

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Theory Thursday: Skater Girl, or Zombie Girl?

Hello Underdogs, Happy Thursday! I am doing a requested post today for a fan who requested more information on the Avril Lavigne’s Dead theory.  Here is the link to that original post. Dig It

For the pasImage result for avril lavignet several years people have had a theory that singer Avril Lavigne is dead. This theory gains speed every few months, and right now we seem to be in the upswing of this again. According to some, Avril Lavigne passed away from suicide after her Grandfather died. Instead of letting the girl rest, they kept her legacy going with a backup singer and dancer, who had also been A.L’s body double. This new Avril is supposedly named Melissa Vandella. As I stated in the last blog, this is a hoax that was created by a man in Brazil as a way to show how far social media rumors can go. Here is an article by Rolling Stone that addresses this, and shows how fans won’t believe that this could just be a joke that has gone way too far. I don’t think the guy who started this hoax truly thought that it would reach this level. Avril Lavigne: The Theory That Won’t Die: Rolling Stone

Even though this has been outed as a hoax, created by someone across the world, people will not let it go. The fans of this theory have actually stated that this is true, and have evidence to support their thoughts. They have said that yes, this started off as a story from a man in Brazil, but he was telling the truth, and now he is backtracking and saying it was hoax to cover his tracks. What this man has actually stumbled upon is a massive cover up by the record companies, and now, his life could be in danger because of what he knows. Now, he has to pass everything off a story which he created. Avril is dead and Melissa lives on!

Why do people actually think that Avril is dead? First off, people seem to think that there is photo evidence that she is not the same person. Take a look at this photo and see all the settle differences in moles that are pointed out. People are saying that moles on Avril’s skin has just magically went away. While it isn’t clear what they want you to see in this photo, I believe they are trying to say her moles are not in the same spot, they are faded, or they are gone. There is such a thing is getting your moles removed, especially when you get older. There are skin issues that require you to get rid of skin growths, and the simplest explanation could be that her moles are different because of health reasons.

She also could look different than she did when she was a teenager because she is human. People change and grow. I am roughly the same age as Avril, and I can tell you that I don’t look the same as I did when I was a teen, nor when I was in my twenties. Image result for avril lavigne death hoaxAvril also suffers from Lyme disease which has many side effects. When you are ill, you normally take medication to treat what is ailing you. You can have many changes such as weight gain, or loss, skin rashes, and even changes in skin tone and texture. It is not unusual for someone on medication to have dark circles under their eyes, seem puffy or swollen, and be very pale or blotchy. Avril is also richer than the average person, so she can afford the very best in make-up, and the very best in plastic surgery if she decides that is something that she wants to do. Logically, there are many explanations for the reasons she looks slightly different than she did when she was a teenager.

People are also quick to point out the differences in her voice. This is where I can say there might actually be something going on. First, her style of music is not the same as it used to be. While she was younger, her vocal range was prominent, and now it is very auto tuned like almost every female singer who is popular at the moment. Their is voice manipulation going on, but that is nothing new in the world of music. While I do think that her new choice of music style is strange, and awful, it is what is selling records. It isn’t out of ordinary for artists to do what will sell. I also guess according to some that Avril’s handwriting has change. Again, a simple explanation for this is age and medication. I looked at my handwriting a few years ago verses today and you know what, it is different. Your hand writing can change with age. It can also change with medicine and illness. Handwriting analysis is something that people are trained on for years. A single snapshot of a few examples of writing is not enough evidence to prove anything.

So, if those things can be explained, then what about Melissa? She has been Avril’s backup singer for years! Even Avril has said she was real to her fans by writing her name across her fingers during a photo shoot.

I’m a real girl!

Even though Avril said she did this for a young fan who was battling cancer, it was actually to show the world that Melissa was indeed Avril. If you do any searching about Melissa you will see that she is in fact, not real. She was a fiction created by the same man in Brazil to be part of his story. All of her social media pages were created after the scandal, and not before. The photos of this woman are so much like Avril, that you have to stop in wonder how much money in plastic surgery did this girls spend in order to get this look so perfect? There is no evidence that this girl was ever real. In fact, I don’t think she was anything more than fabrication. I don’t understand how people can tell the difference between the “Melissa” photos and the Avril photos.

Why do I have a hard time believing this theory, when I think that Doris Day was replaced? First, this is 2017, not 1942. Technology will not allow people to hide. There is no privacy, and if Avril Lavigne had died, there would be no escaping the story. Has she hired body doubles to do interviews for her? That is possible, because many stars take part in the practice. I wouldn’t put it past her, or her record company to hire someone to take do publicity for her to an extent. Second, she is worth more dead than alive. If Avril was really dead, she would have stayed dead. She would have brought in more money than her current album sales. While I can almost see people trying to keep a suicide out of the media as a cause of death, that is more for public safety than a hoax. Too many people could copycat a suicide, and I can see if a celebrity dies by their own hand, their camps will spin it in a different way such as an accident. So is it wrong to hire a double to do promotional events for you? It can be considered morally wrong, or kind of rude, but it’s not illegal. It doesn’t mean that you are dead and you have been replaced either.

At the end of the day, you are going to think whatever you like. But please don’t be one of those people who harass and bully Avril’s social media accounts. While doing research, I have seen the horrible harassing things that people have posted on her Twitter account. There is no excuse for that at all! I truly can’t understand why someone would do something like that to someone. What do they expect, that their words and actions will be what gets her to admit the truth. Or will it be the one thing that sends a real person over the edge. Think before you ink….by ink, I mean before you put things out on social media.

With every conspiracy, there is a bit of truth. I believe the truth in this one is that Avril does have someone who does some social appearances for her, and she sings with an auto tuner. Her change in looks and style are easily explained. I don’t see a conspiracy here, and that says a lot! I am a big fan of conspiracy theories and this one seems too weak to make any good arguments. Money makes the world go round, and if she was truly dead, everyone would cash in. Why would they keep going with this girl’s career when she was at her height years ago? Face it, Avril isn’t cutting it like she used to, and this theory keeps her name in the news, and makes you look into things like her music. Then again, Avril did marry the guy from Nickleback, so anything is possible.


What do you think? Has Avril been replaced by a look alike, or is she alive and well?


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Way out Wednesday: The Dragon has Three Heads

Hello Underdogs! We’ve made half way through the week! Yeah! That means that it is one day closer until Game of Thrones starts back up on HBO. (Please see the end of the post on how you can get a free month trial of HBO) I actually love Game of Throne theories just as much as I love Doctor Who theories. There is so much material to work with, that it is a full-time job doing the research. I am not that awesome, but I do have a few thoughts. This one has to do with my favorite part of GOT, which are the dragons!

Image result for game of thrones dragons
Look at these cute little babies

How can you not love Dragons? They are mythical creatures who fly around, and breath fire. The one’s who are specifically in this story are called, Drogon, which is the one that Dany rides, Rhaegal, and Viserion. These Dragons were born out of an impossible situation. Their birth was so rare and unusual that Dany will forever be known as The Mother of Dragons. Dany named these Dragons after her late husband, and her late brothers. They started off as tiny, and now they are they sizes of jets. There is a deep bond between a Dragon and their Mother, but even more so between a Dragon and their rider. According to the GOT lore, a Dragon will only have one ride. If their rider dies, the Dragon can bond with another, but as long as they live, they will not share with another person. Their bond is very strong. In fact, they are part of one another. A Dragon can sense when their rider is in trouble and needs their help.

Image result for game of thrones dragons
I’m here to save my Mommy!

While Drogon is very much Dany’s favorite Dragon, she does love her other children. In the books, Dany was told a prophecy while she was at The House of the Undying. Her brother, Rhagar looked right at her and stated that “The Dragon has Three Heads.” What does that mean? No one really knows for sure, but we do know that Dany has 3 Dragons, and the shield of the Targaryen family is a Dragon with 3 heads. It isn’t a big leap to see that this could either be a very big clue, or just something in Dany’s subconscious that stuck out to her during this very strange moment. To put it simply, she was tripping balls at this moment so it could all be just something in Dany’s mind.

The most popular theory is that there will be 3 Dragon riders that must be part of the great war. More importantly, people believe that these Dragons are essential to the Prince that was Promised. It may or may not have anything to do with these things, but the Dragons will be needed for Dany taking the Iron Throne.

Image result for game of thrones dragons eggs
Dragon Baby Pictures

I do think that the part of the Dragon’s purpose is for the Great War, but it is also very strange that these animals came back now. They have been gone for years. In fact, Dany’s dragons were wedding gifts that were stone. They were considered dead, but through some strange magic and Dany herself, the Dragons were born again. Dragons used to rule the world, but as the Targaryen blood line died, so did the Dragons. There were other Targaryen’s alive during the time that Dany hatched the eggs, but they were not, “The Blood of the Dragon,” as Dany herself. This is a statement made by people who believe that they are directly related to Dragons, and share a heritage as well as blood.

So, would these Dragons be called to life by not only Dany, but the other two riders who are, “The Blood of the Dragons?” It is possible. The Dire Wolves showed up right before the fall of the Stark family. They came when the family was a pack, and strong together. One by one, they died, and their humans died as well, for the most part. The Dire Wolves’ fate directly revolves around the fate of the Stark family, just like the Dragon’s fate directly revolves around the Targaryens. The bond between animal and human is strong, and they can even say it is part of their blood. Did the Dragons feel the blood of their riders too, and that helped them come into this world? It is very clear that the best case for the second Dragon rider will be Jon Snow.  Jon is Dany’s nephew, although they don’t know this at the moment.

The Dragon, Rhaegal was named after Jon’s father, Rhargar.  We know from the behind the scene footage and even an educated guess by watching the trailer, Jon meets the Dragons. The newest trailer is kind of confusing when it comes to which Dragon is which. We clearly see Dragons, and we can also clearly see a rider. It’s not clear which Dragon, and who is riding them. To me, it seems like Jon could be riding Rheagel and we aren’t just seeing Dany ride Drogon. We are seeing both. The scene outside of the wall looks like it is going to be very exciting. We can clearly see one shot of Jon standing with a wall of fire around him. Could it be a fire that was caused by the battle? Yes, but wouldn’t it be more amazing if it was due to a Dragon? What if Jon bonded with Rhaegal while he was with Dany? Did the Dragon recognize the blood of his blood? Dany and Jon have many parallels so wouldn’t this be an amazing other side of the coin like when Dany was attacked by The Sons of the Harpy? She called Drogon to her without knowing it. He felt that she was in trouble, and he saved her life. Would Jon be able to call his own Dragon to him? We will find out in a

few short weeks, but I would love to see that happen.

What about the third Dragon, Viserion? Who would be his rider? There are two possible theories that may pan out. First, is one that I don’t like at all, and I hope we don’t see this happen. What if the third Dragon, who doesn’t seem to be destined to bond with anyone, will die without a rider? What if he dies in the presences of the Night King, and he will become an Ice Dragon?Image result for ice dragon from game of thrones I can see why this would be exciting because you have one Dragon who is dead, fighting against two that are living. It is just one more part of this very vicious war. This Ice Dragon would be Fire directly against Ice, such as the theme of the whole series. I don’t know what is more important, fire and ice, or the Dragon has 3 heads. The Ice Dragon would be a great way to even up both teams, and have another aspect of the battle. However, I can’t stand the thought of a Dragon being killed, just as I couldn’t stand when the Dire Wolves died.

The better theory, in my opinion, is that the third Dragon rider will be Tyrion. Tyrion was able be with the Dragons without them hurting him. According to his own study, Dragons are very intelligent and they not oImage result for tyrion lannister with the dragonsnly know their blood, but they know who is their friend verses who is their enemy.  The Dragons let Tyrion come near them, and remove their chains. While he was afraid, he was able to speak to them, and the listened to him. Tyrion also speaks about when he was a child, how he dreamed of Dragons. He wanted one so much, that he asked for one for this name day. He was laughed at and told that he would never see one alive. Tyrion would study the Dragon bones that he came across, and read all he could about them. When he met them, he was afraid, but he brave enough to bond with them, and help free them. Tyrion seems like he is a strange candidate for a Dragon rider given his size, but he did design a way for Bran to ride a horse. Why couldn’t a man as intelligent as he, be able to design a way for him to ride a Dragon?

We don’t know what will happen, or if the saying, “The Dragon has Three Heads,” means anything at all. It might be a mantra that the family is meant to say, or keep in mind. Each house has their words, so what if this is just another version of, “Fire and Blood?” It might be a prophecy, telling Dany to get ready because you need to other people to help you through what is to come. I can’t stand the thought of an Ice Dragon, but I can see how that would be an another difficult layer of war. This entire story is a protest of war, and beliefs. We might not get to see what we want to, because author George R.R. Martin wrote this book to be bitter sweet. He isn’t afraid to kill anyone in his story, no matter how big the character is to the story. All men must die, but do dragons have to? You might kill a person, or an animal, but you will never be able to kill a legend.



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