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As 9 of you know, I am trying very hard to get more followers. I hate being the person who asks for the followers, but in this world, followers gets you more exposure which could lead to some nice opportunities.  Like everyone else out there, I am trying to pay the bills, and every penny counts. That’s why we are underdogs sometimes. We work very, very hard, for very little payoff. Although no one can take away our heart and our sheer determination!

So, when I get to 10 followers, I will do a giveaway! It will be something from what I like to call Thirty Von. Basically something from Thirty One and Avon which I sell. After 10 followers, I will have another contest with a different prize!

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Theory Thursday: Did Michael Jackson Fake his Death? Part 2

Hello Underdogs, welcome to the second part of the post, “Did Michael Jackson fake his own death.” Please check out yesterday’s post if you haven’t already!

As discussed in the previous post, many people believe that Michael Jackson faked his own death. This is due to many theories not limited to the strange things that happened surrounding his death, his family’s odd behavior at the funeral, and people who looked like they could be M.J. in disguise. This theory goes from something that could be plausible, to border line insanity. I am a conspiracy theorist, and have no problem with people having their own ideas and theories. However, doing research for this was unlike anything I have ever read before. It goes deep, into places that I can’t even comprehend. The amount of work it would take for one of the most famous people on the planet to fake his own death, is outstanding. Especially in the age of instant access and the lack of any personal privacy. Micheal Jackson is not above the power of the internet. I will say, if he did somehow fake his own death, even he will not be able to disappear into the background. He will be found, or it will just be another conspiracy that will remain a mystery. I am going to touch on a few of these theories surrounding his death including why he would fake his death, and why people think he is alive and well. It will just be a few because I could fill up a book of these theories.  Keep an an open mind, but read with a skeptical eye.

1.Michael Jackson: World Traveler?

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Where’s M.J?

What would a person who just faked their own death be up to since they are free to do anything? Why not travel the world? If you have access to lots of money, a security team, and have a heck of a make-up artist, you may be able to roam around freely, and without fear of being recognized. For a dead guy, M.J. seems to get around a lot! In fact, there is a website dedicated to Michael Jackson’s sightings. This is after he “died.” Here is the link if you would like to check it out for yourself. Micheal Jackson Sightings   There are sightings of M.J. all over the world, within days of each other. While this is nearly impossible, people have explanations for the many sightings. Decoys. Their theory states that one of these people truly is M.J. while the others are distractions. Some of these sightings have actually been people seeing a filming of a movie, and an actor portraying M.J. but people were unaware of what was going on. Others will say that these movie sightings were just another decoy to take your attention away from the real Michael Jackson who is busy living his life in private. While I do find this kind of hard to believe, there is a very interesting video on this site from a couple in Paris. They are walking down the street, involved in their vacation, when they happen upon a man who really did look like Michael Jackson. Who knows….it is worth a look.

2.  Micheal Jackson faked his death to get out of debt.

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Money: The solution and cause to all life’s problems.

It was reported that Micheal Jackson faked his death due to the strangle hold that his touring company had on him.  While there are conflicting reports both on his health, his mental state, and his ability to tour, there is no question what would happen if M.J. backed out of the contract. If he decided that he no longer wanted to tour, he would owe millions of dollars. Why would that be a big deal for someone who was worth so much money? Well, he didn’t actually have the kind of money that one would believe. M.J. was famous for his outlandish and even crazed spending. He was in financial trouble when he bought The Beatles catalog and made money by selling the rights to those songs. The sales from Michael Jackson’s records declined and he never got back to the status of the days of “Bad,” and “Thriller.” His spending and his bills supposedly outweighed the money he actually had coming through the door. Everyone knows that when a celebrity dies, their net-worth goes up and up! The money that would come from his death would bring enough to pay off any outstanding debt, and still have money left over to start a new life away from the public eye.  There would not only be record sales for his music, but the other projects that movies, stage shows, book deals and on and on could also go towards making the estate more money. Why not fake his death so he could escape the money problems?

3. Danger and Privacy:

Image result for privacy

Being a celebrity does not come without a price. That could be your freedom, your privacy, your sanity, or even your very own life. Even though you have lots of money and adoring fans, that may not be enough to make you happy, or even keep you safe. As most people know, some fans can obsessive to the point of stalking or even murdering their favorite star. There have been several celebrity death’s at the hands of a “true fan,” such as John Lennon who was killed by Mark David Chapman. M.J. was very aware of this and famously kept his children’s faces covered for years. I’m sure why he changed that, but it is a little strange that these kid’s faces are now all over when their father tried so hard to shield them from the public. Although, this type of privacy has to be agreed upon by all. Meaning that a kid that is tired of having things on their face is very real. I’m guessing there was some fights when it came to covering the kid’s faces all of the time. The thing is, as big of celebrity that Michael Jackson was, he could never have a safe or private life. His whereabouts were always being recorded and reported on. He only had the privacy that he was allowed to have, which could be said about anyone. However, on such a large scale, it is more apparent that privacy is an illusion. Danger is around every corner. Why keep living your life like this when you can fake your own death and enjoy the rest of your days in safety and privacy?

4. The Illuminati:

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This is where it gets muddy. According to some, M.J. was deep into the Illuminati. If you are not familiar with the Illuminati, neither is anyone else. This was an organization that did existed at one point in history. However, it reportedly stopped and faded away from reality. Others say that it is an alive and thriving organization and it is to blame for…well, everything.  They have been blamed for trying to take over the world, of spreading their message of the New World Order, and are the reasons that anyone is famous. Not a little bit famous, but Beyonce level hysteria famous. The legend goes that these people sell their souls to the Illuminati in exchange for fame and fortune. It can cost more than your soul since they now own you. These celebrities must spread the message of the devil, or New World Order, or their favorite cookie recipe or else! They own the celebrities’ lives and they decide how well they will do in he world of fame, as long as they obey. The theory about M.J. is he was just many who sold their souls for fame. It was time for him to cash in with the upcoming concert. Meaning that he had to spread the will of the Illuminati and even recruit his fans. When they found he wasn’t well enough to do the tour, they agreed to fake his death in order to collect on the money train that would be pouring in!  His messages of the Illuminati would live on through his music, videos, and appearances. His grief stricken fans would gladly follow into the ways of the Illuminati just to keep the memory of M.J. alive.

5. It’s all a stunt:

Gather around and see a trick you won’t believe!


Just like a magic show, everything that has happened with Michael Jackson and his death has been nothing but an elaborate stunt. It’s all an illusion and like a magic show, you will see a person disappear and reappear before your eyes! M.J. was famously into tricks, illusions, and magic. Some think that this is all a set up to one of the greatest performances in history. What is a better joke, or trick than to fake your own death and have a successful comeback? Andy Koffman couldn’t achieve it, so why can’t someone with greater resources pull off the biggest trick in history? It has been said over and over again that some of these very famous celebrities who have passed are just pulling a prank. However, how long does the punchline go on for? How long must the public at large wait to see that curtain pulled back and find their long lost celebrity laughing in the wings? When does it stop being an illusion and just plain cruel? There is no doubt that M.J. had the money, the time, and the know-how to pull off a stunt of this size. Isn’t a trick more than picking up the hat to pull the rabbit out of it, but instead of pulling out the rabbit, you just wait? The trick has the element of surprise, but you have to have more than the first step, there needs to be some pay off. If this is an elaborate stunt, then it’s more than cruel, it’s illegal.

6. It was a distraction:

If you look on YouTube under ConspireTruth, you will see several clips on the day of M.J’s death. The CNN clips with the scroll of news going across the screen as people are being interviewed are very important. In my opinion, the scrolls are a very strange thing because normally, they actually have the biggest news stories rather than what is happening on the screen itself. If you look at the scrolls while they speak about M.J’s death you will see something very interesting. First, there was a report of a super strain of flu that will killing hundreds of Americans. No vaccine would touch it and they were afraid to could turn into a pandemic. Also, there are reports the the terrorism alert was on high that day. What would be a better distraction from this very scary news than a celebrity death. Not just anyone, but one of the biggest stars out there. This level of celebrity would be enough to distract the general public from the very real threats going on while they were upset at the news of his death.

My Final Thoughts:

Be kind to yourself, and to each other.

This has been strange to say the least, and I don’t believe that Michael Jackson is alive and well. If he is, then he is in a world of trouble. What his fans are failing to see is that there are several crimes that are committed in the process of faking one’s death. While the act of faking death itself is not illegal, everything that comes with it is. For example, if there is any insurance at all is collected, that is considered fraud. If any debt or anything else was paid off via the funds paid out through insurance, those companies can sue. If there was any police time involved that investigated any crime, it is fraud. The city, and state can bring charges against you for defrauding the police and wasting their resources. If the person faking their death got a new identity that they are using, that is fraud. This can be a federal crime. If you have traveled outside of the country, it can be considered an international crime. The list is endless, but it all adds up to a lot of trouble, and a lot of jail time. I can’t see that anyone in M.J’s camp would assist in anything like this. If they did, I would make damn sure he was never seen in public. Not only would M.J. be on the hook, but so would anyone involved or had any knowledge of the crime, including his children.

It is very hard to think that M.J. would do anything to cause this much harm to his children for any reason. He may not have been close with the rest of his family, but his kids were his life. The damage of putting your children through this, even if they knew about Dad faking his death, is unimaginable. That means that they have to pretend the rest of their lives that their Dad is dead, yet he alive. Do they have access to him? Do they get to call him and see him whenever they wish? They must get really good at being liars, and they have to be very careful who they bring into their lives. What must this mentally do to a person? This is a cruel torture that no one should be subjected to. It is not a joke, and there is real fear trying to keep such a vast secret. It would be life consuming. It would be mentally exhausting. Not to mention the fall out if the truth were to come out. Anyone who knew about the plot could be subjected to time in jail. Would his youngest son be in trouble? Probably not, but his oldest two were old enough to be held legally accountable for their actions. What person would put their loved ones through something so horrific?

The fact that the people see so many clues in things that prove that M.J. is alive such as hidden signs and symbols. For example, apparently the words ALIVE are seen in Michael Jackson’s lips.

Image result for michael jackson alive lips
Alive, or dry lips?

This is seemingly proof that his alive. There are also countless things “hidden” in pictures such as the words “alive,” and “believe” everywhere. These are supposed to mean that M.J. is alive and well, and believe and he will come back. This guy ain’t Jesus so there is no coming back from the dead. If you look for things, you will find them. You can connect any dots, but it doesn’t mean that they form any sort of logical story. Yes, as a conspiracy theorist, I understand that sometimes things take a leap of faith. There is a point when it is too far fetched, however, you need to start chipping away at the sensational story and see if you are actually left with anything concrete.

I do not want to downplay anyone’s feelings towards Michael Jackson. His loss has left a huge hole in the hearts of many. All of your feelings, sadness, and grief are understandable. He brought a lot of joy to people and touched their hearts in a way that is very personal. I felt that way when David Bowie died. I was so distraught about his death, that I had a dream that my dead Dad told me it was going to be okay. It hurt, a lot and I hoped it was all a mistake. We don’t know what happens to people when they die, which makes their passing a whole lot harder, and a whole lot crueler to those who are left to pick up the pieces and try to move forward. Some people get by on their faith, while become depressed, or find motivation they never knew that they had. Everyone mourns in a different way and you need to do what is best for  you to get through it. That includes allowing yourself to be sad and cry, even if it has been years. Could Michael Jackson still be alive? Anything is possible Truth is stranger than fiction. I don’t want people to feel that their hope should be dashed. This particular theory, if true, is just so cruel and horrible to his family and his fans. It has been years since he has passed and the longer time goes by, the less likely that this theory could even possibly be true.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know if you think M.J. could still be alive. Maybe I will be proven wrong……Keep an open mind, but read with a skeptical eye!


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*I do not own any of the photos used in this article.

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Way Out Wednesday: Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death? Part 1


Hello Underdogs, I hope that you are doing well. I am really excited to bring you the first Way out Wednesday! This theme day is all about the stranger things in life. It’s all about the things that are so out there, that they may be beyond a” traditional conspiracy theory.” For example, this story is so out there even for me who is a known conspiracy theorist. I fell so far down the rabbit hole on this one that I had to divide it into 2 parts. The second part will be part of Theory Thursday so stay tuned!

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Michael Jackson’s entire life has been filled with mystery, intrigue, and controversy. He was a very talented singer, dancer, and artist who was undoubtedly The King of Pop. While Michael Jackson was a global pop star he was not immune to the darker side of life. I am not going to go into great details here, but we all know about the allegations of child molestation, drug abuse, and behavior that can only be categorized as untreated mental illness.  No matter how you felt about him, you can’t deny the major impact that M.J. had on music, and the world at large. His videos were groundbreaking. His music was heard all over the world. His concerts were events, and his TV performances out did themselves time after time.

Sadly, on June 29th, 2005, Michael Jackson very unexpectedly passed away at the age of 50.

Image result for michael jackson dead headlines
Fake News? 

He was about to embark on a multi-million dollar tour that was either supposed to be a comeback, or a farewell tour. He left behind 3 children, several siblings, his parents, countless fans, and more questions than answers.  The official story is that Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest after his “doctor” injected him with several drugs. This included propofol, an anesthetic used during surgeries that is not for the consumption for the public at large. In fact, it’s not a street drug, or anything like that because this is used to induce the deep sleep people need for surgical procedures. It does not cause a high, or even restful sleep. It is impossible for a person to inject this themselves because of how quickly it takes affect, and how easy it is to overdose. This means that “a typical drug addict,” would not try to find and use this drug. In 2011, Doctor Conrad Murphy, the man who administered the drug, was officially charged with involuntary manslaughter.

There were many strange things that happened with this whole ordeal, and given that it was Michael Jackson, it comes to no surprise that not even his death was simple. People are convinced that M.J. faked his own death. There are hundreds of hours of video and photos, as well as countless theories that support people’s claim that M.J. is alive.  They are pointing out several strange things that seem to not quite mesh with the official story.  While I do see some of their points,I have a very different theory on what happened to M.J, so please check out my previous blog to see my own theory on what happened to him. The King of Pop Conspiracy #1

First, is that people point out that Dr. Conrad was attempting to do CPR on M.J. but did it incorrectly. This was after he suspected that he had gone into cardiac arrest and 911 had been called. Apparently, he administered CPR on a soft bed, when he should have put M.J. on a hard surface such as the floor. I am certified in CPR, and while CPR should be preformed on a hard surface, it may not be possible. You have to make the choice based on the situation at hand, and it may be dangerous to move the body to a harder surface. If he thought it would do more harm to move him, then he made the correct call. Please realize that it is not like what you see on TV or in the movies. When you give CPR, the person’s chances of living are only about 30% and that’s if you do everything right. I am not talking about mouth to mouth only, but full CPR. When a person is at the point where CPR is needed, it is a very dire situation and the statistics are against them.

The second thing that people point out is just how jolly The Jackson Family was during Michael’s funeral. Several times almost every member of their family, including his children, were laughing. They were on the stage talking, seemingly joking, and having a good old time while they buried their relative.

What’s so funny?

Why would they seem that way? Because not only was Michael Jackson alive and well, but he was also in attendance in the audience. I will come back to that in a moment.  People like to point out the the casket was closed and that must mean that there was no real body.  Again, I can see why these things can be alarming, even strange to some people, anyone who has grieved might be able to relate to this “odd behavior,” and the choice to have a closed coffin.

I can understand why some people may think that laughter is maybe not what is “appropriate,” during a funeral. However it is not unheard of or even unusual. People who are under great stress such as grief, will do all sorts of things including laughing and crying at strange moments.  For instance, I was under a great deal of stress planning my Dad’s funeral, and I would randomly laugh as the day got harder and harder. I couldn’t even really control it. I knew could be deemed as rude or inappropriate, but I couldn’t help what I was doing. I was told by the funeral director that I shouldn’t worry or feel bad because people laugh when they grieve. I also want to point out that the family being jovial, joking around and laughing together is also not unusual. First, this family is not close. They put on a public face, but even the siblings admitted in interviews that they have gone months without speaking, and years without seeing one another. When do families get together most often? The sad answer is during weddings and for funerals. I had some fun with my family during the time of my Dad’s funeral service because I hadn’t seen or spoken to some of them in a very long time. It may be sad, but it is a bonding time, and it might be one of the rare moments you are with members of your family. Sometimes, you take what you can get.

A closed casket does not mean that someone is alive and well. It is people’s preferences. Micheal Jackson and his family were Jehovah’s Witness, which is a religion. I am going to give a very general description, because like every major religion, it is a lot more than what a few sentences can explain. I encourage you to do your own research on the subject if you wish. It is a religion that was 1870, and currently has around 20 million followers world wide. They generally believe that their fulfillment will come in the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore do not take part in many traditional celebrations such as holidays and birthdays.  According to their funeral customs, men wear suits and ties, while women wear dresses and something over their heads. This is why most of the girls had hats on instead of trying to hide their faces as some have suggested.  A closed casket is a tradition in some sects of the religion, so M. J.’s coffin being closed could simply be a matter of religious tradition.

Then why the dark sunglasses? The people who think M. J. is alive point out his family and close friends had sunglasses on during the services. His children did not. People say the reason that they had sunglasses was to hide the fact that they were looking right at the real, living Michael Jackson right before them, therefore, they needed to shield their eyes to people wouldn’t follow their gaze, or see that they were laughing instead of crying. I agree that they were using sunglasses to conceal themselves. Pain is very personal and some people need to have that barrier to deal with their grief. I personally wouldn’t want millions of people watching my face as I had to bury someone that I loved. I get why they would wear sunglasses. It could also be a nod to M.J. who famously wore shades in out in the public.

Image result for michael jackson faked death
Was this Janet looking at her brother?

There are those who say that the sunglasses and hats were not used as a privacy measure but in an attempt to keep them from giving away M. J. In fact, people point out the blonde woman who was front and center, and sitting next to actor Chris Tucker as non other than Michael Jackson in disguise. Micheal Jackson had been known to hire doubles, and had been known to dress up in order to walk around in the public without drawing attention to himself. This did include prosthetic make up, wigs, and different types of clothing.

Image result for was the blonde female at michael jackson funeral him?
A closer look with an Adam’s Apple

While looking at this person, I can’t deny that it could be a man in drag.  I have seen several photos of this person and they are not very clear. There is not one that I have seen that is a good, clear angle that I can honestly give a good personal opinion. I can see where people think that this is a man in drag, because she looks like she has manly features. However, there are many women out there with more manly features and that doesn’t mean anything more than certain biological aspects are more prominent. The most that I could agree with is that this person could be a man in drag based on this one photo, and this one photo alone. Until we get one that is clear, then I don’t think anyone should jump to the conclusion that this is M.J. Even though she was the only one who gave a thumbs up to stage during the standing ovation after the family sang. A thumbs up proves nothing more than approval for the song and performance.

At the same time, other people are saying that this man was actually M.J. and not the blonde female.

Image result for blonde female at michael jackson funeral
Wait…is this…

This older man was in attendance but sitting a little further back than the blonde woman. I think that anyone who looked even a bit out of place, or a little bit different became Michael Jackson in disguise. This wasn’t just limited to the TV funeral, but all of the other services as well. So many people were said to be M.J. that if they were him, then I am impressed with his level of make-up skills and being in two places at once.

And lastly, from the TV funeral itself, people tend to point out how the children were treated and how everyone was wearing ear pieces. For some reason, people equate ear pieces as proof that there is a conspiracy and someone is feeding them lines to cover the truth. This was a production, and a funeral. The people running the show had their voice in everyone’s ear who needed it. This does not mean that it could be a conspiracy but just part of a production. Or, it could be, and people for some reason are using this method to help keep a lid on it getting out.  I don’t buy that part at all, nor can I find a good reason why this supports the theory that he is still alive. The children, on the other hand, were something that could be questionable. There are many times that you can see that the children are being hidden, pushed behind their aunts and uncles, talked to very closely, almost scolded, and we even saw some moments that looked like anger. There could be very good reasons for this.

Image result for kids at michael jackson funeral
Hidden Blanket

First, they are children and their father has just died. They are being paraded in front of millions of people and expected to speak publicly when their life has been so private. The family acting the way that they did could simply be a way of giving the kids some privacy and shelter. The scolding could be do to them acting up, being angry, or refusal to speak. They were kids who were being expected to act like mature adults during the worst moments of their lives. Of course they are going to have tantrums, act up, and even be angry.  People think that this is proof that M.J. is alive because they are hiding the kids from accidentally giving their father away. If you believe that someone in the audience could be M.J. in disguise, then you could see why the kids were being hidden. They were going to laugh, or they were pissed that they were being forced to pretend that their Dad was dead when he was right there! Why put your children through that kind of torment? To keep them safe? Because these kids are now more exposed and having issues such as attempted suicide. What good has this supposed cover up done for these kids?

This is literally just scratching the surface. There is more than the strange reports to do with his death, and the funeral. While we know for sure that there was something afoot with Michael and what caused his death, we haven’t even gotten to the sightings, the hidden signs in plan sight, and the words of his own family members. We haven’t gotten touched the surface of the Illuminati, or how M.J.’s death was used to distract from a super strain of the flu which was killing so many people. We also haven’t talked about the escape from fame, and the amount of money that it would cost for M.J. to stay alive as opposed to how much was to gain if he died. This goes deep, too  deep for one installment! In the meantime, check out my links down below. Leave me a comment if you think M.J. faked his own death!



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***** I do not own the photos used in this story.

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Try it Tuesday: Peanut Butter Cookies


Hello Underdogs! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I am trying something new this Tuesday, and that is making peanut butter cookies. Since this is my first Try it Tuesday, I want to let you know it may not necessarily always be a recipe. Try it Tuesday can be anything from a DIY, to baking, to reviews of food or things that I have never done before. I might go geocatching and see how that works out! I might go to the water park by house and see if I like it. It’s all new, and it’s all fun!!

I normally don’t make a lot of cookies for humans. I do make a lot of dog greats. (Insert shameless plug here: Follow my website The Modern Dog Mom ) Anyway, I was wanting cookies and I decided to try something new, and bake myself some cookies. However, I realized that I didn’t have any eggs and I had no idea what to substitute. I looked online and found a simple, 3 ingredient cookie recipe and I will share with you what worked, and what didn’t.

Image may contain: water

The recipe was as follows:

1 cup peanut butter (either creamy or chunky)

1 cup sugar (any kind)

1 1/2 cup of flour (any kind)

Mix all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl until smooth. Roll into small 1 inch balls, and cook at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

I really don’t like all that sugar, and I had an idea to add a piece of chocolate candy on top so I only used about half of the sugar. It was not hard to mix together, and I actually separated the mix in half.  I wanted to do this to see if I could make some improvements from one batch to the next.

Image may contain: food

I made tiny balls, but decided to flatten then to make it cook more even. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen without the eggs so I wanted to make sure it cooked evenly. My oven runs a bit hot, so I set my timer for 7 minutes and took out the cookies at 8 minutes.

These cookies have a very different texture and taste than a traditional cookie. They fall apart very easily and are very brittle. The taste of peanut butter is almost overwhelming and it does need to be cut by something. However, I don’t regret not adding the full amount of sugar because I almost think that 1/2 cup could also have been too much. I did some research and found that some egg substitute can be applesauce. I added some to my second batch and cooked those in the same manner as described above. The applesauce was no sugar added, and it was not flavored. I used about 1/2 a cup of applesauce and I had to add a little bit more flour to keep it from being too sticky.

These cookies actually tasted a lot better .If you are thinking about making cookies without eggs, or you find you don’t have eggs, use unsweetened applesauce instead. The texture was much better and the applesauce gave a nice settle difference in taste, and helped cut the overwhelming peanut butter taste. I also added candy on half of the cookies right after taking them out of the oven. That way the candy would become melty and yummy.

Image may contain: food


I always like to say when it comes to baking, please keep your health in mind. If you are unsure of any ingredients and are worried about an allergy, don’t make it. I have massive food allergies and even having the food so I know how dangerous that can be for someone.  If you guys decided to try out this recipe, please let me know, and post your comments and pictures down below! I hope you guys enjoyed this first Try it Tuesday, and I hope you do something new today!






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My Monday: Dance Mom’s, My Guilty Pleasure

Hello Underdogs, Welcome to My Monday which is going to a day where I pick whatever I want to write about that is not under another theme day.


This Monday, I am picking my favorite and most hated television guilty pleasure, “Dance Mom’s.”Image result for Dance Moms

Dance Mom’s is a show that is featured on the channel, Lifetime and has had several seasons. We have seen some of the very young girls featured on this show turn into  teenagers.  The premise of this reality show is to follow The Abbey Lee Miller Dance studio and their dancers. To narrow it down much more, it’s about a small competition team within the studio and the famous Dance Mom’s of these girls. The Mom’s, and daughters are in constant competition to gain the attention of supreme overlord, Abby Miller, who decides the fate of each child who dances. Not only does Abby try to dictate the dance world of these girls, but their home lives and outside activities as well. Abby tried to become a manager to several of these girls to help them with acting, singing, and other artistic endeavors. She even convinced some Mom’s to pull their children out of traditional school, so they could be home schooled so they could concentrate on dance.

Image result for fake

While we all must remember that a reality show is not anywhere near actual real life, there has been some real damage done to  these children.  These kids were not actors and even though many of the people on the set, including Abby, and the Mom’s were acting, the children didn’t necessarily understand the difference. Abby was famously cruel to the children, including yelling, shouting abuses, and telling them that they were always replaceable. While there is some method to this madness, you truly don’t see the other side portrayed on the show. We see the breaking down of the children but never the build up, and we as an audience never know if this happened.

The world of professional artists such as dancers, actors, and singers is very hard and fickle. While I don’t disagree with letting the children know that there is always someone better, and this is temporary, it is not necessary to play mind games, pit one child against the other, and be blatantly racist. It is also hard and emotional to see anyone fight. These children were subjected to seeing their Mom’s fight with each other, Abby, and sometimes the adults fighting with a child. Again, while most of this was for the cameras, these kids did not know the difference and the toll was evident. People slowly left the show because of the mental abuse that these kids were being subjected to.

So why do I watch this show at all when it is so bad? I hate to admit it, but it sucked me in. I saw some very talented children and I saw some who were okay. I believe the first season of Dance Mom’s was probably the truest to life. While you saw a harsh Abby Miller, she was teaching the children, and trying to help them understand that the world is very competitive. After everything that was a bit too harsh, Abby showed the girls that she cared for them. The show slowly morphed into an unrealistic competition show, that was surrounded by mind games and hatefulness. There was so much more than meets the eyes with these competitions, however.

If you ever wondered why the ALDC did so well when clearly their dances weren’t that great?  First, the ALDC were allowed to do their dances over and over again while the crew got the best shot. This was in front of the judges so they either liked what they saw, or they just saw so much of it, their dances stuck out in their minds over others.  Second, Abby had an investment in many of these competitions. This means that she owned part of the completions that the girls would dance at.  I know this for a fact because I worked with a head of one of these dance competition. This person mentioned the investment and even joked that they knew who was going to win even before anyone competed.  Anytime that I saw them on TV competing in this certain competition, I would know that all of Abby’s kids would place the top scores. Without fail, this happened with every single time. If that happened with this one competition, I am sure it was true with others.

One of the biggest controversies to come out of this show outside of the abuse, the cheating, and the unrealistic representation of the dance world, Abby Lee Miller was a criminal. Abby was hiding money from the IRS, while she filed for bankruptcy. While in some people’s eyes, that isn’t a bid deal, it s a crime and it’s fraud. It wasn’t a little bit of money, but hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is going to be jailed for her crimes and will have to pay fines. While many people don’t agree with her having to spend time in jail, I must remind you that she broke the law in real life. While I don’t agree that she needs to be in jail so long for this crime when we already have over crowded jails with hard criminals who serve less time than Abby will, she still needs to be punished.

Image result for abby, maddie, and mackenzie

It also has come to light that Abby has been stalking her former students, Maddie and Mackinze. Maddie and Mackinze left Dance Mom’s a few seasons ago to go after other interests. Abby held Maddie is such high esteem, it was to the point where it was abusive to the child. She worked her to the bone and made her afraid to say no to any dance, any project, even things that made her uncomfortable because she thought it was provocative. If Maddie fell out of Abby’s favor, she punished her, harshly. Abby kept pitting the girls against Maddie to the point where it was isolating. Dance was such a part of there lives, that Abby convinced their Mom, Melissa, to take both her children out of school and give their lives over to dance and other projects.

Image result for abby and mackenzie

While Maddie got many opportunities because of this show,  she was also being held captive by Abby’s obsession over her.  Her head was filled with an unrealistic view of herself because Abby built Maddie up to believe she was the best dancer ever. When Maddie started competing in the real world, she found that it was her name, and reputation that was winner her the competitions, and not her talent. There were much better dancers out there, and Abby’s idealist view of Maddie did nothing to help her in the real world.  This is very evident in the show when Maddie has breakdowns when she can’t handle other’s being better than her. It was to the point where it was not only childish, but showed how this poor kid had been set up for failure. While Maddie is doing great now, it has nothing to do with dancing. Yes, she was famous for her Sia videos, but now she is known for her acting, and tries to distance herself from the dance world as much as possible. At least the world of competitive dance anyway.

Maddie has been recently accused by Abby that Maddie dropped out of a clothing project. The two of them were supposed to have a deal where they both were working on this company. Maddie’s Mom, Melissa, dropped the project and Maddie went on to start her own clothing company independent of Abby. This while Abby was being investigate and it looked as though she would end up in jail.  Every since this, both Maddie and Mackinze have blocked Abby from all social media and do not interact with her. While Maddie has gone on to have her own clothing line, she should not be held responsible for anything to do with a company when she is a minor.  Plus, Abby has a very bad professional and personal reputation, and many people are disassociating themselves from her as much as possible.

In the last week, Maddie was surprised by Abby at her premier for her first movie called, “Book of Henry.”

Image result for Book of Henry premire
Maddie before Abby arrived.

Abby was not invited, and the terrified look on Maddie’s face says it all. (See link below) There is no picture of the two of them together at this event because Maddie asked to be kept away from Abby. Abby’s unhealthy obsession over this child and her on a lesser scale, her obsession with her little sister, Mackinze is pretty scary.  Abby has apparently been posting almost non-stop on social media about the girls. Yes, one of the post was wishing Mackinze a happy birthday, and it is understandable even though she has been blocked, she still cares for the child. However, the posts have been to the point where people have taken notice and call it unsettling and she’s acting like a stalker.

Image result for Book of Henry premire
Maddie after Abby arrived


Maddie Afraid

It was rumored that Abby had to pay over $1000.00 to come to this event. That’s not a great move since she is going to have to pay lots of fees for her crime.  People are saying that Maddie owes her career to Abby and she should be kind to her.  Maddie should have welcomed Abby with open arms. At the same time, Abby publicly calls Maddie ungrateful, but also in the same breath, begs Maddie for her love and attention. It’s a very strange situation. Maddie never would have been known if it wasn’t for the show “Dance Mom’s.” However, it was her own hard work that got her where she is today. Maddie credits Sia as the reason where she is today, and there is a lot of truth to that. Sia hired Maddie for a video and was the one who mentored her and helped give her a lot of opportunities.

It is a very tricky situation to say if this child owes this adult any credit at all. Like I discussed above, the show is a shame. But these children were not paid to be actors. They were paid to be a reality star, which means there was loose scripts, direction, and editing involved. While it is easier for a professional actor and the adults to understand that this all all make believe, these children were still going to school, practicing, dancing, and going to completions. Their injuries were real. Their time away from friends and loved ones was real. The dancing was real. So could tell the differences between the adults fighting, and Abby being horrible to their children, or did they understand that it was an act. Was Abby’s cruelness an act? At the very least, Abby is unhinged and she has damaged the lives of these children and their families. She has done a lot of questionable things that is making her end up in jail. Abby allowed these children to be mentally abused for the sake of a TV show, and it should come as no surprise that the kid that she obsessed over so much doesn’t want anything to do with Abby any longer.

Saying that this minor child owes Abby anything is kind of laughable. Abby didn’t teach her how to dance, her teachers did. Abby only spent a class to polish dances, while her other staff members did the real work. They helped the kids learn the moves, they helped these kids learn different techniques. Abby really spent very little time with these children while the real work was being done by other teachers. There was no break for these kids when they had to watch their Mother’s get into physical altercations with Abby that resulted in real lawsuits. So where is the line? Does Elvis owe his career to the abusive and crazy Colonel Parker? Was he the one who made Elvis have an amazing voice and dance moves, or was it Colonel Parker’s connections that got him where he was? Maddie got the chance because of the show, but people saw talent in her that opened doors, even without Abby’s influence.  I think that she should acknowledge the journey, but she doesn’t have to owe thanks to anyone. Especially when she came from such an unrealistic, and abusive situation.

Whatever is next, I will still watch Dance Mom’s, with or without Abby. I wanted to see these talented children. Yes, I did like the drama, but I hated seeing these children hurt, scared, and abused by the situation that they were involved in. That is as much their parent’s fault as the producers and Abby’s. If they could have kept the drama away from the children as much as possible, it would have been a lot better show. It turned into a train wreck that was so bad, we just couldn’t look away. Now, we are waiting for Abby to be ran over.

What do you think? Leave in the comments if you feel that Maddie owes her career to Abby, and if you think Abby is stalking Maddie and her family.

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*I do not own any of the images or videos, which were used as reference.

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Fan Friday: Wonder Woman

Hello Underdogs! Welcome to the new Fan Friday. For the first week, I will be posting the Day theme, followed by the title of the piece that I am writing. After that , I will go back into just writing the blog. I hope you enjoy! Fan Friday

Image result for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s movie came out about a week ago and I was finally able to see it in the theater. I have been very weary about this movie because female characters, especially in the super hero roles, have had a history of becoming a joke. If they are used at all during a movie, they are in the background and their stories are left out or glossed over. I was also worried because the last several DC Movies have been questionable at best, so I was concerned about how they were going to treat Wonder Woman. My fears and concerns were wrong.

Wonder Woman was never uttered during this film because it was the story of Diana and the Amazonian women. Diana’s life at home with her Mother and her people were not glossed over but was given a real relationship. The film is rich with Greek mythology just like the comics. After American spy, Steve Trevor, accidentally finds his way onto their island, he brings war with him.  Diana decides to leave her home and go on to a mission to help the world at large. I won’t give away too many other details because I want you to be able to enjoy this movie if you go see. (Which you should)

Image result for Wonder Woman 1940's

What I loved about this movie is this was what Wonder Woman was always supposed to be like! When she was created in the 1940’s, the world was at war and all able bodied men were enlisting. That meant that things like comics were being run by women. In her origins, and all through The Golden Age of Comics, Wonder Woman was a strong fighter. She fought Nazis, had her own crew, and did her best to help right the justices of the world. Wonder Woman looked and acted like a strong warrior!  When men came back from war, women went back into the home and Wonder Woman morphed into something very different.

This was called The Silver Age of Comics and Diana became more of a pretty thing than a fighting victory bad ass hero. This is when the phrase, “beautiful as Aphrodite” started.Image result for wonder woman silver age If you look at Wonder Woman, she went from a woman with very strong features to a thinner, softer, sexier female. She seemed to lose height and weight as well. The focus of her being a bringer of justice became a background story to her love life and to the shackles of being a female stereotype. While Wonder Woman did have some amazing adventures, she was not the same as she used to be. Generations of girls grew up reading her adventures with her strength in the background, and her beauty in the foreground. Some have said that beauty is a side effect of needing to be taken seriously. It’s sadly true, people tend to hear you more when there is beauty associated with you.

I do want to point out that Wonder Woman, while becoming more of a beauty, did still have some amazing adventures. She fought crime without her powers. Diana became an army nurse. Even though she is wants peace, she also can fight for justice which has been a point of contingency within her. The closer we got to Modern Day comics, the more we hear how Diana is also very emotional. This is another thing that is both seen as power, strength, and equated with weakness at the same time. Wonder Woman portrays the best of a bad ass female hero and suffers from the stereotypical female mannerisms at the same time. At the end of the day, we females see the hero in her and strive to be the strong, amazing warrior and not let the stereotype of what people think that we should be.

Every young girl needs to see this movie! We need this Wonder Woman so badly. This movie is not like a traditional super hero movie with over the top battles, super humans, and aliens. This is a striped down version of a very good story and in the center is a strong female who was fearless, a fighter, and strong mentally and physically.  This is the first step in showing the world that female superheros should not be ignored and their stories and just as important as anyone else. There will be a generation of girls that will grow up never knowing what it was like to only hope to see their hero on the screen. Yes, there was a campy TV show, and Wonder Woman has been alive in comics and films for years. This is the first time we have ever seen the real heart of Diana, and the real Wonder Woman. This is the Golden Age Wonder Woman that was ran and written by females. This is what she should have been all along. It has taken some time to get here, but we are so happy that this day has finally come!

On a side note, I saw this meme going around on the internet and it brought tears to my eyes.

I am so excited to see our PrincesImage may contain: 4 people, people smilings become Generals. The world is trying so hard to say, there is nothing wrong with being a Princess, but you can be so much more! Don’t stop at a Princess, be a bad ass! Be a Hero! Be an amazing Girl!! From Rey to General Leah, to Diana, the world is ready for you ladies!! The world has been begging for this for a long time and we have finally been heard! Girls, you can be anything! I literally teared up watching this movie because this is my childhood hopes, and my adult drive to finally be able to see these strong and amazing women on screen. I really hope that they will continue down the Wonder Woman path and make another stand alone film after Justice League. Congratulations, DC, you have not only given us an amazing Wonder Woman film, but you have also given us….HOPE!

Thank you for opening the door for all the female characters waiting to come out of the dark, and into the staring role!!!

*I do not own any of these pictures.




Contest Update

Hello Underdogs,

I wanted to update you about my contest and my followers. Image result for follow my blog

I am still looking to get to 10 followers and right now I have 7! Seven is great, but in order to get chances for affiliation programs, I need more. I don’t like being that person who begs, but a girl has to make a living! I want to use my blog as means to make some money, while working on my creative style. Being a caregiver is exhausting, and this isn’t just an outlet, but a way to try to reach an audience and try to earn some extra money. I want to try, and I need your help!


So, thank you to the 7 who have followed my blog. Image result for 7 followers

My contest still is going until I get my 10 followers. I will draw a winner and post that the contest is over. The prize will be something from my Direct Sales companies which I am going to be calling Thirty-Von.

Thank you for helping me keep my dream of writing alive. In the meantime, check out the Shameless Self Promotion page for more ways to support this blog!




Theory Thursday: Dig It

***Hello everyone, and welcome to the new format which is theory Thursday. I am very excited to start off this new format and see how this new way of blogging. I am going to give  some credit to Affective Collective on YouTube who inspired me to research and look into this theory. Please check the link at the bottom of the page. theory thursday

Doris Day - 1957.JPG

How long has it been since the world has seen the actual Doris Day? The real one, not the one hired by studios to portray Doris Day. Doris Day is a retired American actress who is also famous for singing, dancing, and most recently, animal rights. She is now 95 years old and has a grown son. Doris Day has been acting and singing for years and is an icon of the stage and screen. While people know her name, her face and voice have seemed to have changed. People do have reasons that their faces change. First, it’s just the aging process. People grow and change during their life and that includes some things like noses and ears getting bigger and longer, face filling out, and fluctuation of weight. The other reason people’s features change is due to surgery. More often times than not, this kind of surgery is optional cosmetic. However, people have had to have surgeries due to accidents or other medial reasons. These surgeries can change how a person looks in a very minor, or very drastic way.

The darker side of this theory is that her differences had nothing to do with age or surgery, but the fact that she has been replaced over and over again. According to some, the only real footage of Doris Day is from something called a Scopitone.Image result for Scopitone

A Scopitone was a machine that was very big during the 1950’s-1960’s in the UK, and eventually  the United States. It was a machine that was normally found in a bar that played music videos by several artists. You place your money in the machine and they played whatever video was up next since there was no way of making a section to choose what one you wanted to see. According to “Affective Collection,” the only real photos of Doris Day is from this machine. While I can’t find any other information on that claim, it was enough for me to look into the replacement theory. I have spent hours looking at “Doris Day’s” face, and I can’t say I am not without some doubt.

I would equate this to the Modern Day theories that some celebrities have died or been killed off, only to be replaced by someone who looks very similar.Image result for avril lavigne is dead For the last several years, the big one has been Avril Lavigne. Many people claim that Avril has been dead for the last few years and been replaced by another girl. The theory goes that A,L. committed suicide a few years ago and her back up signer just replaced her. People point out the difference in her face, moles, and music style. However, this theory only exists because someone made it up to show how fast and how much a theory can be believed especially about celebrities. People who don’t listen to this explanation say that he is just saying that to distract us from the truth, that Avril is dead.

While it also seems laughable that anyone could replace  a well known celebrity of today’s world, does it seem too far fetched for this to happen in the 50’s and 60’s? It is a known fact that celebrities hired their own look a likes that did press and some interviews for them. It is also known that it is a practice on Broadway to replace the actors or actresses during the performance in order to help preserve the lead’s voice. This can either be for a scene, or for an entire act .At curtain call, the original actor would be on stage and non would be the wiser.  Studios were also famous for taking full advantage of owning their celebrity. That means that they controlled every single aspect of the actor’s life. Judy Garland was famously forced to have several abortions because of the studio made her have them. So, is it so out there to think that a studio could create a name and persona, and recasting it over and over again until they have the right person? The person who is known as Doris Day has said publicly that she isn’t sure when her own birthday actually falls. Could that be due to false records, bad memory, or something else?

One of the reasons that people point that Doris Day isn’t the same person is because of the song by The Beatles called, “Dig It.” This rare gem of a song is 38 seconds long and the only one in The Beatles category to credit all 4 members as writers. Take a look at the lyrics.

“Dig It” By Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starkey

Like a “Rolling Stone”,
Like a “Rolling Stone”,
Like a “Rolling Stone”,
Like the FBI,
And the CIA,
And the BBC,
And Doris Day,
Matt Busby,
Dig it


Supposedly, these lyrics with the 3 people mentioned were known to have been replaced by someone else. It calls out the government agencies that had knowledge or had assisted this to happen. Like a rolling stone, things come and go, but they all keep on rolling. It is very strange for The Beatles to mention Doris Day in a random 38 second song. The Beatles have had their share of issues with their own conspiracy theories. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we now know that all of The Beatles had been under government surveillance, and even had drugs planted and assassination attempts.  So did they happen to know something that the rest of the world didn’t? Could be. Could they just be throwing together some non sense? Could be. Who knows, but it seems a bit strange.

If this doesn’t seem to phase you, take at look at these faces. What do you think? Is this the same person? It very well could be and there could be an easy explanation for the questioning. First, it could be the make-up and the age. Second, it could be the camera angels. Third, people change and sometimes they do things to themselves to make those changes. All of this could be as silly as the A. L. theory. I am fully aware of that. But I am also fully aware that there has been recorded history about the abuses of the studios and how far they will go to protect their interests. Their interests is money, and only money. Not the health or well being of the people who work for them. Could The Beatles have been making a statement, a protest, or just making a song? Who knows, but it is food for thought. It’s a strange world that we live in, so it’s not like this is impossible.




Doris Day’s only performance


*I do not own any of these images, or the lyrics. They are used under Free Use. I do not own any of these.

*Credit given to the YouTuber Affective Collective, with link provided to their work..


New for You! Daily Themes!

Hello Underdogs!

I have been doing this blog for years, but I have never thought about doing things a bit more seriously. I am such a free spirit that sometimes it takes me longer to realize than the average person, that I should have more structure. I don’t have a problem calling this a “lifestyle” blog because I cover so much. I don’t like to limit myself, but I understand wanting to narrow things down for the ease of finding the things you would like to read about.

For your reading pleasure, I am introducing theme days! I will try this for a trial period to see how this goes. I think it will bring some pentameters but not limitations on creativity. Take a look below where you will see the explanations and the graphics!

My Monday: Whatever I choose!

Try it Tuesday: The new things in life.

Way out Wednesday: The stranger things in life.

Theory Thursday: Here is where you find the conspiracy theories that started this blog.

Fan Friday: All the things that I love!


Lisa’s New Books

Hello Underdogs,

Image result for free clip art of books

It is shameless self promotion time. Trust me, I will add these links to that page as well but I have some sort of exciting news! I have written 2 new eBooks for your reading pleasure. The first one was inspired by a post that I wrote here called, “Treat Yourself.” I know what you are thinking, Underdogs, why should you purchase a book while you can read the information for free on this blog. Great question, because there is more! There is bonus information that you won’t get on this blog. Plus, a girl’s gotta eat so I need to make so money!

The second book was very hard for me to write, but it was important to get across to those who may need it. It’s called, “What to Expect when your Loved One Has Cancer: A Caregiver’s Guide.” This is a guidebook for those who have to live with their loved ones who have cancer, and what you may expect when they go through this journey. I am a full-time caregiver so it is very difficult. I didn’t have any information when I started so I hope that this will help one person who needs it.

Here are the links to the two books. Again, please consider purchasing because we all have bills that we need to pay. Being a caregiver is very hard, and comes with great personal and financial costs. I am not complaining, I am just being realistic. That’s why I try to do all these wonderful side gigs like writing and blogging to help bring a little extra in the door when possible. Thank you to all 7 of you who are following this blog! It means a lot because I really do love writing!

Treat Yourself: Freebies and Discounts for your birthday

What to Expect When Your Loved One Has Cancer: A Caregiver’s Guide